Surgical-Art Hand Fracture Manual


Mr David Bell, Mr Partha Vaiude


Mr Samuel Bell


  • Thanks to Medartis for allowing the kit to be photographed and to be used for this manual.
  • Thanks also to Mr Anuj Mishra and Mr Irfan Khan for their input in developing this manual
  • Thanks to Mr Satyajeet Sarang for developing the website and the online manual



  1. Screw Sizing Guide
  2. The Medartis Kit
  3. Lag Screw Technique
  4. Neutralisation Plate
  5. Compression Plate
  6. Condylar Blade Plate
  7. Cerclage Wiring / Tension Band Wiring / Lister Loop
  8. Crossed Kirschner Wiring
  9. Hynes & Giddins Device
  10. Suzuki Device


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