The Medartis Kit

General colour coding explained:

This kit is colour coded. For example any kit relating to 2.0 mm screws is blue, so in the right hand tray the upper two sets of plates with a blue and brown squares can be used with 2.0 but also 2.3 mm (brown coding) screws.


Gold and blue screws and plates explained:

The gold screws and plates are non-locking.
The blue screws have a fine thread on the head that locks in with the blue plate as a locking set.
Note: gold screws can be used with blue plates but will not lock in place.


Drill colour coding explained:

The drills have the same colour code.
Drills with single colour ring are for use for that specific screw size only.
The double colour ring is only for drilling a gliding hole for a lag screw.


Rescue screws explained:
There are a few 1.8 and 2.5 mm rescue screws, should the need for a slightly larger screw arise.


Other instrumentation will be discussed in the course.