Z-ARCHIVE Surgical Skills Course for Surgical Practitioners (SFA's & SCP's)

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Fee: £500
(10% discount offered when you book on more than one course or for returning candidates)


This is a 2 day course split into a day at the start of Part 2 of the Surgical First Assistants (SFA’s) Programme and the other at the end of Part 2. This course delivers basic surgical skills and is specifically targeted for Surgical Practitioners (Both SFA’s and SCP’s). The core focus the course is:

  • Hand ties (Reef Knot, Surgeon Knot, Instrument Tie and Knot at Depth)
  • Wound closures (General and Plastic Surgery Techniques)
  • Diathermy
  • Drain insertion and fixation
  • Local Anaesthetic
  • Excision of skin lesions and closure (Part 1)
  • Laparoscopic instrumentation and skills (Part 1)

Each of these skills is delivered using live video demonstration with parallel discussion followed by well supervised and supported practice sessions and a constructive feedback.
There will also be an opportunity an optional assessment on specific skills. This objective assessment is undertaken using video recordings and assessed anonymously by trainers, providing a stress free evaluation. Candidates are welcome use this information to demonstrate their competency.

Day 2 of this course, which will be undertaken after Part 2 of the programme, is aimed at consolidating skills learnt from the first course and during their placement, along with learning advanced skills as follows:

  • Debridement of wounds
  • Cyst excision
  • Abscess drainage
  • Excision of skin lesions and closure (Part 2)
  • Laparoscopic instrumentation and skills (Part 2)
  • Open session for extra tuition on pre-requested specific skills

Candidates will also have an opportunity to be assessed or re-assessed in the skills they were taught/assessed before. We at Surgical-Art feel that this form of assessment and re-assessment provides an educational loop and clear evidence of progress during the period of training.


Target Audience

Surgical Care Practitioners (SCP’s) and Surgical First Assistants (SFA’s).


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