Z-ARCHIVE Plastic Surgery Skills for A&E/MIU Doctors and Nurses


Fee: £600 (£500 for Nurse/ENPs & Doctor/Nurse Trainees)
(10% discount offered when you book on more than one course or for returning candidates)


A sizeable component of Emergency Department practice is related to Plastic Surgery skills and referrals. This two day course aims to address two key components.

  1. To make confident clinical assessments, arrange appropriate investigations and refer to Plastic Surgery with accurate terminology.
  2. To use Plastic Surgical skills in Minor Surgery for selected cases.

Topics Covered

  • Burns
  • Face Trauma
  • Hand Trauma
  • Lower Limb Open Fracture
  • Head & Neck Trauma
  • Paediatric Face/Limb Trauma
  • Limb Trauma Anatomy

Skills Taught

  • General Wound Assessment
  • Debridement and Wounds Closure
  • Burn Assessment and Dressings
  • Facial Trauma Assessment
  • Hand Trauma Assessment
    • Tendon Assessments 
    • Nerve Assessments
    • Radiology

  • Application of Zimmer & Mallet Splints

Target Audience

This course is aimed at all levels of A&E/MIU Doctors and Nurses.


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