Z-ARCHIVE Performing for the FRCS(Orth) Examination


Fee: £700
(10% discount offered when you book on more than one course or for returning candidates)


The Clinical FRCS(Orth) Examination puts you in the spotlight. Under significant stress and with little time, the candidate is expected to compose and deliver a confident and well- structured response to fluctuating questions and clinical scenarios. Performance on the day is significantly affected by nerves which is conveyed through the resultant body language. Presenting the examiner with the confidence of a day 1 Consultant is not easy and knowledge alone will not convince the examiners of experience and capability.

At Surgical-Art we recognise this and have partnered with Spotlight Drama to develop a course specifically targeting this ‘performance’ of the FRCS candidate. Using our experience of theatre training we have distilled out specific performance markers which will be evaluated during the two day course providing the candidate with objective/targeted feedback and appropriate solutions. Viva/Clinical simulations along with specially-designed innovative exercises will be used to make these assessments in a ‘safe’ environment. Wherever your starting point, the course will help you manage this less frequented yet overwhelmingly important component of your exam preparation.

Target Audience

A  2 day course targeting the November 2017 FRCS(Orth) Examination. Also suitable for junior trainees who wish to start preparing early.


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